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Is this credit card?

No, it is not a credit card. READY Visa Prepaid Debit Card is a good way to manage your spending. Unlike a credit card before, you make a purchase, so you load money on the card, you can choose how much to spend. Since you have not borrowed the money, what to check the credit, interest and late fees are not!

The difference between checking accounts and What is this?

You are using a Visa prepaid card READYdebit great as an alternative to traditional checking accounts of the great features for a lot of people. Check out also low fee payday loan lenders . The main difference between the two, you use a traditional paper check instead of a customer invoice online READYdebit is to use pay to send a paper check to anyone. Check out also payday loan with my paypal.

Where Can I use the card?

Of gas at the pump, on the Internet, millions of other stores: VISA debit cards are accepted anywhere in the world. See Also payday cash advance comment blog login register.

How do I load money on the card like?

The best way is

Sign up for Direct Deposit

. It is easy for free, you'll your money, you can save cash to avoid checking fees.

For more information about other ways to load money, . See Also loans in nottingham . See Also loan sharks for students johannesburg


I can withdraw money at an ATM in the READY Debit card?

How can I pay bills online?

Yes, in the service of our online bill pay, you can pay anyone online. Check out also long terms loans . If the recipient can not take electronic payment, we also print a check, mailed it to them. See Also paydayloans.

For more information about online bill payment,


Can you send a card to my PO Box?

Unfortunately, we can send the card directly to the PO Box is not allowed. We need to send a card to a physical address on the application form. Your best bet is to put forward in the post office to post office box from your physical address.

Do not you must have a social security number of me. See Also payday loan using debit card?

Conform to the USA Patriot Act, we must have a valid social security number for all cardholder.

Platinum, Select, Control Plan What is the difference?

Difference is provided, the fee charged is a function. Platinum plan is $ 14.95 per month, select Monthly plan is $ 9.95, control plan, direct deposit is $ 1 500 per month (otherwise it is $ 3. See Also same day cash advance no credit check gauteng.95 per month) does not have a monthly fee with.

Platinum plan is $ 14.95 per month. It is an infinite deal of your purchase, you are presented with the ATM balance inquiries and live customer service with debit ACH, an additional charge. In addition, the secondary card is free, it is less expensive withdrawal of ATM. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups treatments of eating disorders.

Select plan is $ 9.95 per month. There are additional costs will live customer service (after the one free call per month), and the secondary debit card, ACH.

Control plan, $ 1500 (if other than it is $ 3.95 per month) does not have a monthly fee with direct deposit of at least per month. It decreased to a purchase transaction, and has the additional cost of service and live customer calls, debit ACH. In addition, the secondary card is not an option with a management plan.

The second cardholder, can be added to the account of our choice and Platinum Plan. We are a social security number must be legal name of the owner of the secondary card, and date of birth. If you have an account already selected, or Platinum plan, simply 866.465.1645 MF 8:00 am - Call the Coordinated Universal Time (Pacific Ocean) at 5:00 pm. The secondary card, has a one-time fee of $ 10 is free to select and plan for the Platinum Plan. Both the primary and secondary cardholder will receive (you will have the same color on both cards) with a new card. $ 9.95 monthly fee will cover the owner of both cards, membership cards of both, you will be able to have full access to all of the funds in your account plan for select. See Also magnum cash advance .

How can I pay for gas at the pump?

In most cases, yes. The transaction, until you clear the account, you pay at the pump, $ 125 hold is placed on the funds for temporary accounts. In order to avoid this hold $ 125, pay just inside. Card if you have decreased in the pump, pay the cashier inside. See Also loans in murray ky .

I will refund the tax to deposit money into your card account READYdebit What can I do?

Yes, in the section you just refund of tax forms, lists the routing number and account number. Tax refund, please note that must be paid to the cardholder's name. Please see us.

Tax refund information

Please refer to the detail page.

I limit the amount of money may be withdrawn in a day what is. See Also loans no lenders ?

You can use the $ 2,500 ATM, per day from a bank teller, you can withdraw up to $ 500 per day.

What is with Chexsystems SM?

ChexSystems is, by identifying the clients who had bounced a check of whether the account is closed for cause, in order to avoid potential risks, a service that is used by financial institutions. Check out also cash advance nottingham.

Questions about the fee

What are the fees involved?

Our aim is to keep fees low for our customers. Please refer to us.

For a complete list of fees

Compare the.

How do I pay a setup fee should I do?

Now required to pay something to get the READYdebit do not have your card. See Also cash loans republic of ireland. We pay a setup fee of $ 9.95 for the first time to load funds to your account to your card.

Although I was still on the card to add funds, has been charged $ 9.95. What is this charge?

If you have recently signed up for the Direct Deposit, your employer is, by creating a transaction of $ 0.00 to your account, you may have to start the process. This transaction is considered to be the first load, setup fee of $ 9.95 has been evaluated. Be charged a setup fee of $ 9.95 there is no second.

I will be charged a monthly fee or my time?

The monthly fee you have to charge one month from the date of the order READYdebit card. Each month fee will be charged on the same day. See Also same day cash loan bad credit no bank using car title as collateral minneapolis.

I hear of prepaid card "hidden" fees - READYdebit are there any?

Our fee, "hidden" they do not have any will be displayed at the bottom of all

Fees and Features

As well as tab, the Company

Terms and conditions

. Before you apply for ANY credit card or debit card, you must read all of this information, you understand. It can be eliminated as you like for whatever surprises and some customers call them "hidden fees".

To load the money

I load money to the card or do I deposit it?

The best way is

Sign up for Direct Deposit

. It is easy for free, you'll your money, you can save cash to avoid checking fees.

For more information about other ways to load money, . See Also loans in nottingham . See Also loan sharks for students johannesburg


How can I deposit my tax refund payments to this account, SSI, disability or other benefits?

Yes, you can leave the other benefits of your tax refund, SSI, to READYdebit your card. Your balance at any time can not exceed ten thousand dollars is not possible, we accept the tax refund under the name of the owner is the only card Please note that you can.

How can I transfer money from my credit card to READYdebit card. Check out also local cash adv 48062 ?

No, you can transfer money between credit cards and READYdebit card can not be.

What is with the transfer of the card from the card?

Transfer of the card is located between the two cards from the card READYdebit.

This card, do you accept ACH wire transfer remittances Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal or,?

We do not accept the transaction of money gram wire transfer, or Western Union.

We accept ACH transfer and transfer of PayPal. These are free transaction load. Receives the funds for us to post you will need to plan in 1-3 business days. Funds transfer from your account to come out immediately, and will go through the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Once we received the funds, we will post them to your account.

The difference between "debit" transactions "credit" mean?

If you make a purchase, you will need to enter your PIN either of the following: (a merchant, and transactions "debit" this call) or merchant (is, if you use a prepaid card, the "credit" this The signature also is called a transaction) on receipt. If you select "debit card" you, enter the PIN, some merchants will provide a chance to get cash back to you. If you select "credit" you, to sign the receipt, the transaction is guaranteed to be covered by the Visa zero liability policy.

How can I load money using the Green Dot MoneyPak?

What is Green Dot? Are you the same company?

Green dot is a company independent from the ready Financial Group. We as a way to reload your card READYdebit, we have a partnership with them to use it where their Moneypak. Available in stores such as RiteAid and green dot MoneyPaks, more Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Radio Shack, and CVS.

Learn more

About importing READYdebit card using the Green Dot MoneyPak.

I will not accept this card is why payday loans. See Also payday loans without faxing or papervwork? Would it accept the loan for?

Many short-term loan company called payday loans from time to time, please do not deposit money into a prepaid card. Than the routing number of system blocks them, and notify customers that they have entered an invalid routing number. Customer, you will need to check each loan company before (if possible) to complete the application to make sure that the prepaid card will be credited to fund.

Deposits, if it is not in my name, can I have a deposit (ACH) electronic card that is loaded into me?

No deposit, must be the name of the cardholder. Third-party deposits are not accepted.

I limit the amount of money can have on my card at a time What is?

Total balance of your account READYdebit card can not exceed $ 10,000 at any point in time can not be. Any attempt to load more than $ ten thousand PUR account will be denied.

For my account

I To report a lost or stolen card How. Check out also make cash fast ?

Immediately call the 866.295.2460.

How do I check the balance like?

Login to our online service center

Call the toll-free at 866.295.2460 or our. In addition, by sending a "BAL" to 42265, you can request a balance through a text message. To learn more, sign up for a visit today / aboutcard / mobilebanking /


How do I get the branch number and account number of how I?

You need to get this information online, have your card number. If you already have your card

Click here

Gets the account information in any form or direct deposit.

Can I speak with human beings alive on account of how I?

As you navigate through the phone book has been automated as soon as the talk with representatives of the students about the transaction is dial 866.295.2460 for the account, and to "2" in Spanish or English, "*" "#" to select "1" Enter the 16 digit is pressed. Card number. Then, you will be able to speak with a representative of Customer Care.

I suspect that if you forget your PIN number, someone else knows it is what will happen?

That you will keep it a secret personal identification number is important. Please do not share it with anyone, or do not write it down. Have been issued a new PIN, please call 866.295.2460.

I plan to change the How?

When you use the READYdebit, now you can change your plan at any time. Check out also loans ssi . You do not need to change the account to get a new card is not available. Check out also lowest payday loan . Call our customer service group at 866.295.2460 However, they can help you find the best plan for you.

Direct deposit have not been posted yet why?

Direct deposit is received by the department ACH release date in the paydate of employees that is specified in the payroll department. Funds has been released on the day of your actual paydate or release will not be released to your account early. If you have a deposit you are missing, check the account number, please use the routing number to your employer or benefits provider.

For gas, and charge $ 125 What is this? I purchased a $ 15 worth of gas.

Are you paying at the pump? If you insert a card you pay at the pump outside your petrol station, there is a temporary hold placed on your card $ 125. If you do not have $ 125 available, it is placed on hold all of the funds are left. When the amount of the actual settlement dealings excited station, remaining funds will be released back to your account. This usually takes several days. Pending reason is that the pump is way to know how much fuel do not have that. Check out also low cost online loans . Since prepaid cards, this feature, you can prevent overdraw your account. Check out also loans in las cruces nm.

To avoid this hold, you can pay inside.

How can I open a READYdebit card under the name of my business?

No, READYdebit card account is not a personal account to business account.

How do you get your balance through a text message like?

If you are already signed up with a text

BAL to 42265

. Sign up for a visit / aboutcard / mobilebanking

Please refer to the procedure.

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