Frightening Calls From Fake Debt Collectors Threaten People With Jail For Payday Loans. It S A Scam.

With the accent of India fake debt collectors are calling people to try to scare them to pay the debt they are not. Part of the company name they use is the United States of America cash credit services, evolution TAC, Allied Financial Services, CashNetUSA, Sonic Bank, Sonic CashNet, and CashLand,. See Also cash advance payday loans. If you know of others, please add them in the comments below.

As long as you call the fake debt collectors say, send money immediately, and you will be thrown in jail has been arrested. Insisted that amount appears to be broken between the $ 1,095 or $ 400. Office of all government is to check out their story you can not be, when they are closed, in most cases, the caller calls that arrive on Friday, the name of the lawyer real they found on the Internet Use the.

The purpose of the fraud, in order to prevent the police from coming to arrest you in the next few hours, to send money via MoneyGram or Western Union, to scare people to get the call, or your is to abandon the details of their bank to hit a bank account.

If you want to listen to call sound like a ton of these, please click here .

I have a number of phone numbers tied to this swindler believe that a phone call from a call center in India through (VoIP), voice over IP apparently. In the United States actually do not have a caller to be able to pretend they are.

Indian fraudster makes the outbound call on the phone line of VOIP, armed with contact information of the call originating telephone number of any counterfeit they want . Is not difficult to do it. (If you want to know the people Unmask the number is blocked, that is calling, by the way, try the Trapcall ) They are using the number of blocks of numbers VOIP borrowed in order to receive the call return may be also. After a short period of time, they will dump a number, will start using the new number.

I was issued by at least one of the numbers that are described as being used in these scams LES.Net , VoIP service provider.

Known number tied to this scam is as follows.

  • 213-221-1002
  • 213-286-0210
  • 213-286-2016
  • 213-550-4189
  • 213-995-3046
  • 310-362-4305
  • 310-362-4319
  • 310-362-9386
  • 313-332-1091
  • 343-729-0397
  • 407-506-0424
  • 408-317-0831
  • 408-355-9951
  • 415-223-4108
  • 415-880-5599
  • 496-900-0000
  • 619-342-0094
  • 714-333-2945
  • 714-333-2951
  • 714-400-0563
  • 714-409-0208
  • 714-409-0250
  • 714-845-0766 (FAX)
  • 718-831-7157
  • 818-936-4699
  • 904-425-9141
  • 941-961-8518
  • 949-743-1049
  • 973-200-6686

Most of the people who are called by this fraud, seem to have a payday loan from several companies before. See Also cash advance up to 5000. I would suspect that what has happened, one of these payday loan companies is to use a call center outsourcing in India, from its call center, that was the name of a contact customers and sell someone.

BBC did a report of the secret to a few years ago, that it will purchase this type of information from call centers in India showed how easy.

The name of the provider payday loan is just like a smokescreen. Using both the lawyer real so that I think scammers, and it lawful to check on the web that we their names and their clothes payday loans of fact, the receiver of the call from time to time have. Check out also loans with no bank account or income verification or credit check. It is all a lie.

I had a good time to call them so. As they are trying to scare you in the accent of India, they certainly sound. Criminal identification bureau. LOL I asked for Jeff Parker, they route to the Popkins Jeff sounded like it was saying my call.

And, if your name is Dave Roberts, I apologize, it was the best fake name I was able to make on the spot. If you listen carefully you would say, is the collector of the fake you stupid, and I found a file of Dave Parker for him here. Hey, is the name of the collector of fake Parker called. Check out also no paperwork no fax loans.

Call, they hang up on me, and then quit suddenly. LOL. What a fool.

From liked to hold debt collectors calling me from 212-500-0839, and I be arrested. See Also loans same day . - Laverne

Frightening Calls From Fake Debt Collectors Threaten People With Jail for Payday Loans. Its a Scam. throw in jail threatened with jail TAC Evolution Sonic CashNet Sonic Bank scams scam payday loan scam fake debt collector debt collector cashnetusa cashnet usa cashnet CashLand cash net usa Cash America American Credit Services Allied Financial Services debt articles
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Source: call of fear, in jail for payday loans are threatening the people from fake debt collectors. It is a scam.

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